Stay well to sell well

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

It’s difficult to be this month’s top seller when you’re not feeling your super salesperson self. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when nasty bugs come to Scotland for their winter holidays. And their mission is to enjoy making life a misery for humankind. The good news is you… Read more »

Sales: a smart move for graduates

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

You’ve studied hard, served your time in the lecture room and library, sweated through essays and dissertations and forced yourself through all-nighters in the run-up to your final exams. But after all this, if you’ve a degree or on course to graduate later this year, you might still be wondering… Read more »

The reinvention of shopping

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

Retailing has undergone a revolution in recent years with massive changes to the way we shop. At one point it looked as if city centres would have tumbleweed blowing through them as trade moved online and customers swapped searching in stores for surfing from the sofa. Now, however, that vision… Read more »

Three top trends in the bag

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

The world of retail is fast-paced, constantly keeping up with new technology and easier, faster ways of shopping. This makes it as predictable as a Donald Trump tweet at three in the morning. As we move into 2018, however, many retail experts are making their long-term forecasts for top trends…. Read more »

How to crack the recruitment code

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

Reading between the lines is often the key to successful job hunting in marketing. The jargon-heavy language of recruitment can sometimes be baffling and a wee bit intimidating – so cracking the code is the secret to matching yourself to a perfect role. Here at s1jobs we’re experts at solving… Read more »

Make your own luck in marketing

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

How do you get ahead in marketing? A great track record in the business, proven results and a queue of former colleagues and clients ready to give you glowing references will help. But what if you’re new to the sector – full of ideas and enthusiasm but without concrete work… Read more »

Starting out in healthcare? Find your specialty

Ann Carrigan   February 23, 2018  

The world of medicine is as big and varied as Planet Earth itself and offers more specialist roles than the end credits to Blade Runner 2049. This means when it comes to choosing your own medical specialty, the real difficulty is exploring the sheer, bewildering variety of roles on offer… Read more »