Be a humanitarian hero

Kirsty Morrison   August 14, 2018  
humanitarian day

As Scotland gears up to help celebrate World Humanitarian Day next Sunday, the Scottish Government has given £300,000 of emergency aid to help victims of three of the world’s most violent conflicts. The cash from the Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) will be shared via aid agencies on the ground, with… Read more »

Preparing for the world of work with Career Ready

Kirsty Morrison   August 13, 2018  
career ready blog

Our Charitable Partner at this year’s s1jobs Recruitment Awards, Career Ready, provides vital career opportunities for young people with little family background of higher education or professional careers, giving them the confidence, skills and networks to achieve their full potential. Career Ready’s success is built upon their partnerships with employers,… Read more »

10 questions you should be asking in your next interview

Michelle Green   August 1, 2018  
10 questions you should be asking at your next interview

An interview isn’t just a chance for the hiring manager to find out more about you. It’s an opportunity for you to find out more about the company and decide if it’s somewhere you would like to work. Asking questions shows the hiring manager that you’ve really thought about your… Read more »

5 ways to impress potential employers

Michelle Green   August 1, 2018  
5 ways to impress potential employers_small

With less than 10 seconds to impress potential employers, your CV needs to work hard. So how do you demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the job? Here’s five simple factors recruiters look for when reviewing your CV. Contactable Basics like name, email address and telephone number seem like… Read more »

Top 10 CV mistakes to avoid

Michelle Green   August 1, 2018  
Top 10 cv mistakes to avoid

When it comes to your CV you have very limited space and time to convey your absolute fabulousness.   That’s why it’s so important to avoid these common errors and ensure a busy recruiter keeps reading – and isn’t tempted to roll your precious application into a paper basketball.  … Read more »

How to get a perfect CV

Michelle Green   August 1, 2018  
How to get the perfect CV

Your CV is your solitary tool to showcase your abilities and convince employers you’re worth a face- to-face meeting. A good CV is the first point in the candidate’s journey to potentially becoming a new employee, so first impressions are as vital as they are when attending an interview. A… Read more »

Sales jobs worth treasuring

Ann Carrigan   July 23, 2018  

Show all Sales jobs across Scotland Last month we talked about that once-in-a-lifetime moment in sales when someone walks through the door with a Ming vase under their arm. Well that moment has just happened – okay it was a Quing vase, not a Ming, but every other element in… Read more »