Give yourself a fighting chance

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  

You’ve completed your training and gained your social services qualifications and yet that all-important job is proving as elusive as a complete sentence from Donald Trump. What’s to be done? Worry not! Here are our top tips for acing that interview and landing one of the best social services roles… Read more »

Your sales team needs you

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  
sales 2

It’s big but it’s not clever. That’s Granny Ina’s take on Donald Trump’s proposed border wall. But what do you do if your sales team is clever . . . but also needs to be bigger? After all, being bigger can bring extra agility and the ability to respond more… Read more »

Supercharge your sales career

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  

Start off the year as you mean to go on by smashing your sales targets. As resolutions go, it’s not a bad one. But how are you going to achieve it? Follow the s1jobs guide to doing the numbers and you’ll be in top position by March. Secure existing customers… Read more »

Buy into the best

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  
retail 1

For the past few months it’s been all change on the High Street but, in the midst of the upheaval, some brands are so buoyant you’d think they were selling helium. So what is it about the standout retailers that makes them so successful? Take the s1jobs tour of what… Read more »

The centre of attention

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  
retail 2

It’s a proposal causing quite a stushie and not just in the tinned veg aisle. Should out-of-town firms pay higher taxes to support our high streets? That’s the suggestion in a Scottish Government consultation designed to overhaul the country’s business rates. Companies that make most of their money online could… Read more »

Time to join the transfer market?

Ann Carrigan   January 21, 2019  
production 2

Scotland’s Bravest Manufacturing Company is reaching out to veterans with the opportunity to apply their skills to factory life. The social enterprise based in Bishopton in Renfrewshire, which is a division of Royal British Legion Industries, has a mission to help former service personnel towards independence through employment after the… Read more »