How to be the best restaurant manager

Ann Carrigan   October 18, 2017  

We’ve all seen the TV shows where a celebrity comes in, shouts the odds and a restaurant is miraculously rescued from being an eatery with all the charm of a collapsed soufflé. In real life, of course, running a successful restaurant as a thriving business is a little more complicated… Read more »

Enjoy a great career whatever the season

Ann Carrigan   October 18, 2017  

Once upon a time it was easier to win the Euromillions rollover than get a cup of tea and a scone in the so-called ‘off season’. In fact, the chances of finding anywhere open in rural Scotland to stay, drink or dine in the depths of winter were nigh impossible…. Read more »

A snowflake’s chance in hell?

Ann Carrigan   October 18, 2017  

What do you make of this recruitment idea? The top executive of an American marketing company has introduced a “snowflake test” designed to weed out overly sensitive job applicants who are judged too easily offended. The questionnaire’s creator Kyle Reyes has defended his personality test by pointing out: “A snowflake… Read more »

Let’s talk about speaking

Ann Carrigan   October 18, 2017  

Prime Minister Theresa May’s conference speech didn’t quite go to plan, alas. First there was the P45-waving interloper, then the malfunctioning backdrop and, just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, a coughing fit. Of course, none of these mishaps was Mrs May’s fault. But while it’s almost impossible… Read more »

Contact Centres with Personality

Michelle Green   October 17, 2017  

Dedicated and passionate customer care is at the heart of every successful business, and that’s why so many leading companies across the globe choose Teleperformance. As a leader in multichannel customer experience management, Teleperformance has been supporting leading global brands to deliver outstanding customer care since 1978. In fact, they… Read more »

When rules are a law unto themselves

Ann Carrigan   October 16, 2017  

There’s a bit of a rule breaker in all of us. Yes, even Granny Ina’s been known to queue jump at the Tuesday lunch club. But rules and regulations in the workplace are a different matter. In the production and manufacturing sector they’re key to productivity and keeping employees safe. But… Read more »

Export yourself to a new career

Ann Carrigan   October 16, 2017  

Scotland has a richly deserved reputation for being a past master at producing crops, harvesting fish, manufacturing electronics, distilling whisky and much, much more. We’re not too shabby either at processing all of these goodies and creating efficient supply chains to make sure they get to where they need to… Read more »